Impairment of Assets Tests


MOK Audyt offers professional audits of financial statements and advice concerning mechanisms for control and accounting systems



MOK Audyt offers professional valuation services of companies, trademarks and other intangible assets, valuation of financial instruments and testing for impairment of assets

Impairment of Assets Tests

We carry out test procedures on impairment of assets according to the methodology defined by accounting standards (IAS 36, the National Accounting Standard No. 4 Impairment of Assets).

We provide comprehensive services in the context of financial reporting requirements, including identifying potential assets that could be tested. We offer  testing for impairment and interpretation of results as well as advice on the allocation of impairment and recognition in the books.

By combining the experience and long-standing practice in audit of financial statements and from the valuation of companies and assets we acquired the optimum competence to carry out tests for impairment of assets.

In accordance with the adopted methodology, offered by us, the impairment tests include the following:

  • analysis of the indications of impairment and an assessment of need for revaluation procedure;
  • identifying the assets generating the economic benefits individually and collectively;
  • determination of impairment testing facilities;
  • evaluation of impairment and, if such an event occurred, the determination and allocation of write-downs on assets for individual assets in accordance with accepted accounting standards by the company.

We also offer independent verification testing for impairment of assets, which will provide you with an objective opinion of professional consulting firm in terms of obtained valuation results.