Our experience: the industry sectors with which we carried out our activities

Energy and renewable energy sources. The development of electricity production from renewable energy sources due to the needs to protect the environment and to reinforce energy security. We have the opportunity to participate in building successful companies producing energy from wind sources, biomass and biogas, including landfill gas.

Industrial production.  We have experience in the implementation of audit and valuation services for entities operating in very specific areas of industrial production. Among others production and processing of plastics, processing of steel and non-ferrous raw materials, production security and acid-proof brick linnings, the colored sands and aggregates.

The hotel sector. The construction of hotels and hotel services. We observe a constantly growing trend in the Polish market, in the first half of 2015 years it has grown by 73 categorized hotels. We have extensive experience in supporting and implementing audit services on behalf of international and national hotel chains.

Trade and distribution. The development of wholesale and retail trade is very dynamic. A number of international distribution companies decide to start business in Poland. When  auditing and valuating for commercial entities, we advise you on how to effectively organize financial and accounting processes.

Food sector. Food processing industry is still growing despite the difficulties encountered. It is important to build a strong brand and customer loyalty as well as expansion to new markets. Professional support in the areas of finance (audit and valuation) is vital in building a competitive advantage.

Transport and logistics. The state of infrastructure has a major impact on the development of T&L. Technological development allows to compete in this highly competitive market. We have the opportunity to work for entities operating in the T&L in the Polish market.

Construction and real estate. The real estate market is a sector whose condition largely depends on the functioning of the entire economy. Next to the foreign investors there are more and more national decision-makers to invest in commercial real estate in Poland. We have experience in the implementation of audit and valuation services to stakeholders in this industry.

Public sector, associations. In the modern economy, well-functioning public sector is vital to meeting the needs of society. Of the cooperation and relationship with the market economy. More and more entities in the form of associations are looking for professional services rendered by auditors. We respond to those needs.

Telecommunications, media and advertising. Media and telecommunications market is growing at a very fast pace, and digital technology enables the development of innovative products and services. We executed audit of financial statements and other advisory services to operators in this sector of the market.