Our values

Our mission is to provide audit and valuation services at the highest level. All work is performed in a professional, fair and timely manner, ensuring the confidentiality of the information obtained.

The philosophy of MOK Audyt is contained in the company name: MOK = Matter-of-fact, Open, Constructive.

Matter-of-fact. We have extensive knowledge and experience in implementing professional consultancy services in the field of audit and valuation. Our services meet the highest standards. We rely on the experience gained in an international consulting company. We carry out projects for Polish branches of foreign companies, domestic enterprises and family businesses. Our clients operate in various sectors of the economy and represent a variety of industries.

Open. We are constantly developing their knowledge and we are open to change. We  listen to our customers carefully, we can take decisions quickly and flexibly. We are fully committed to each project in order to achieve planned results. We value open and honest communication with our customers. We are also deprived of a bit of inertia, which is characterized by a very large consulting firms. We are able to quickly adapt to changing conditions.

Constructive. We rely on a pragmatic approach to implementation of the agreed tasks in detail. Each client is treated individually, because there are no identical companies. Therefore,  we always choose the appropriate methodology of our work to implement it effectively, efficiently, and in order to minimize the risk. Our approach combined with experience and professionalism allows us to offer financial services as they were "bespoke".