Other Services and Info


MOK Audyt offers professional audits of financial statements and advice concerning mechanisms for control and accounting systems



MOK Audyt offers professional valuation services of companies, trademarks and other intangible assets, valuation of financial instruments and testing for impairment of assets

Other Services and Info

Other services of MOK Audyt include:

Accounting Advisory

  • financial reporting - preparation of financial statements in accordance with Polish Accounting Act, International Financial Reporting Standards, the internal rules of corporate and other standards
  • consultation on accounting principles, creation of charts of accounts and organization of finance/accounting departments
  • development of accounting policies
  • restatement of financial statements
  • comprehensive advice on the implementation of International Financial Reporting Standards
  • training in accounting and financial reporting

Business Advisory Services

  • due diligence
  • services related to detection of fraud
  • development of corporate governance systems
  • advisory on mergers and aquisitions
  • agreed -upon audit procedures
  • audit of the use of funding from the European Union